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About Bhavans


Pearl Wisdom School (PWS), Dubai, is a recent entrant to the highly ambitious and competitive Dubai schooling space, with a very strong focus on innovative schooling. PWS is a part of Bhavans Middle East – a premier organization that spear heads many leading CBSE based K-12 educational institutions in the Middle East. As the school imparts education to match the advancement of technology and globalization, it keeps to its roots with the ethos of moral and ethical principles; never forgetting the values and views of the founder, Kulpati K.M. Munshi, and allowing noble thoughts to come us from every side.

PWS would be following the curriculum specified by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi and would be affiliated with the Board for Grades 9 – 12. There are presently close to 20,000 schools in India and around 2,000 schools outside of India, which follow the curriculum specified by the CBSE. Defined, structured and compact, the focus of the Curriculum is to help develop holistic individuals through co-scholastic school based evaluation, instill values through an integrated curricular approach, develop innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by devising student friendly and student centered paradigms, among others. The emphasis of the curriculum remains on the application of knowledge. The school would successfully link its vision with the CBSE curriculum rationale to ensure that the foundations of the curriculum is meticulously followed in the school.


Extra-Curricular activities and Co-curricular activities will be a vital part of learning in the school’s program. As per the school program, emphasis will be placed to promote extra-curricular activities among students so that they are encouraged and are guided into being confident individuals in their field of interest and also are able to build competence, leadership and competitiveness in whatever they do. An estimated 10-12% of the total learning time in an academic year, will be set apart for extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
There would be separate classrooms for Music, Various Performing Arts and Art, since as per the curriculum, these are separate learning periods. Art is compulsory for all grades from 1 – 12. Performing Arts and Music is compulsory from Grade 1 – 5. From Grade 6 onwards, it is elective and a student may choose either Performing Arts or Music.
Come Academic Year 2020-21, PWS aims to open a school where learning would be fostered in an open and creative environment, whereby they would grow to explore situations that challenge them. We endeavor to provide our students experiences within and beyond our classrooms so as to become independent and creative. The school also provides a holistic education experience that ensures high standards of academic excellence complemented by a kaleidoscope of co-curricular activities. Our team of Academic leaders would ensure that the school is planned to provide a stimulating environment promoting a variety of teaching and learning styles, emphasizing the progress and achievement of individual students.

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