From the Principal’s desk

P1010339The greatest gift at Birth is Life. From childhood when we emerge into adulthood every one of us wants to become an ARTIST, not in the sense of a painter or sculptor but merely an ‘artist of life’. The real artists of life are spontaneous, accepting, flexible, receptive and giving. The highest of them become fully functioning Human Beings.

Most of the parents want their children to become an Engineer, Doctor, Chartered accountant or a Computer software Programmer. No parent has said so far that I want my child to become a good Human Being. Is it not strange that we are manufacturing a generation of ROBOTS who will perform duties without any human touch?

The most important need of the hour is to know, what actually education means to all of us. Is education a framework of curriculum completed in a fixed time frame? A degree or diploma obtained after passing certain examinations? A process by which things are learnt and reproduced literally without having any sense of realization? A combination of all these or something entirely different ?

It is high time now that we understand the purpose of life and the purpose of education together. We all want to lead a peaceful, harmonious, joyful and successful life. The true education in no way contradicts to it. The real education aims at making human being a better human being. Real education aims at providing better means of livelihood, living style and living environment; education which is for human excellence. We have to understand that basic purpose of education is to develop life skills so that everyone according to his potential, perform better on materialistic as well as ideological plane.

“To think is to understand, to understand is to begin , to begin is to perform and to perform is to achieve” and to to do so, we must know that anything and everything can be achieved provided life skills of the students are fully developed. The Educators and the Parents have to understand this paradigm shift in the schooling process. We have to move from theoretical to practical, from rote learning to learning by doing. From textbook bases orientation to activity based orientation. From dormant, passive learning to participatory thinking process. The School in this direction must accept the challenge. School and home should play a complementary role and not contradictory role.

There are people who watch things happening, there are people who become part of the happening and there are people who cause happening. Let us try to belong to the third category of people, so that we may cause to happen which is worth doing, worth living and worth giving.

God bless us all …

Dr Heena Rachh